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Back to school for OpenStack training

July 17, 2015 Leave a comment

This week I’ve been fortunate enough to attend a four day Red Hat OpenStack Implementation course.

I’d recommend this course to anyone interested in developing their skills and familiarity with Red Hat’s OpenStack distribution. I found the course delivery and materials to be excellent, and labs, lots and lots of lab exercises. Manually installing and configuring all the common services; Keystone, Glance, Nova, Neutron, Cinder, Heat, Swift, Ceilometer, Horizon, as well as Gluster, RabbitMQ, and MySQL.

Below is a gratuitous screen shot of the completed labs – a small victory that was made hollow by then seeing PackStack automate a similar deployment in about 30 minutes.

RH-OS course

Now to get it all deployed on my Pi cluster at home 🙂

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