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Dock in the Box

April 12, 2016 Leave a comment


I finally got around to re-imaging my Raspberry Pi cluster to run Docker. I’ve used the Hypriot image, which worked flawlessly. And retrofitted some scripts to manage soft power control for the cluster nodes via the ATXRaspi board.

# docker-machine ls
dspi0 generic Running tcp://x.y.z.0:2376 dspi0 (master)
dspi1 generic Running tcp://x.y.z.1:2376 dspi0
dspi2 generic Running tcp://x.y.x.2:2376 dspi0
dspi3 generic Running tcp://x.y.x.3:2376 dspi0
dspi4 generic Running tcp://x.y.z.4:2376 dspi0
dspi5 generic Running tcp://x.y.z.5:2376 dspi0
dspi6 generic Running tcp://x.y.z.6:2376 dspi0

Next I need to figure out what this Cetacean cluster can do, and how to do it…

Kernel Version: 4.1.17-hypriotos-v7+
Operating System: linux
Architecture: arm
CPUs: 28
Total Memory: 6.984 GiB

I do want to get Ceph running on the cluster again, but will probably run that directly on the base Linux OS rather than in Docker. It can then present storage to the various Docker containers.

Finally, for no particular reason, I cut up a heatsink from an old video card, and stuck them onto the Pi nodes.

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