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My little Cephalopony

In order to teach myself a bit about Ceph, I’d like to introduce my modestly scalable, low performance, gigabyte-scale Raspberry Pi storage cluster!

Ceph Pi clusterThat’s five Raspberry Pi v2, each with the standard quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU (over-clocked to 1 GHz), 1 GB memory, and four 8 GB USB memory sticks for storage. When I was a lad that was a lot…

Installation was embarrassingly easy, mostly following instructions from here, though I used Minibian as the OS instead of Raspbian. Along the way I also discovered the Mosh shell, which makes remote connection over varied, slow, and intermittent networks tolerable.

Obviously this is an educational build and not intended for serious use, though it’s already clear that 8 GB USB sticks are too small. Their appeal was low cost and the “Christmas tree” effect of so many blinkenlights.

ceph@piceph1:~$ ceph -s
cluster 661a43a5-e9cc-4350-851d-109d07c44773
health HEALTH_OK
monmap e1: 1 mons at {piceph1=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:6789/0}, election epoch 2, quorum 0 piceph1
osdmap e24: 5 osds: 5 up, 5 in
pgmap v49: 192 pgs, 3 pools, 0 bytes data, 0 objects
25694 MB used, 9240 MB / 36923 MB avail
192 active+clean

I’ll update with more detail as I figure out just what to do with this “data centre in a lunch box” 🙂

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